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Ash Wednesday

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7:00am Girard
12/noon Arma
6:30pm Girard


March 1 is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten & Good Friday are days of FASTING: Catholics, from the 18th birthday up to the 59th birthday (the beginning of the 60th year) are obliged to fast, that is, take only one full meal and two lesser meals, with nothing to eat in between meals. Drinking fluids is not contrary to the practice of fasting. Additionally, Ash Wednesday, All Fridays of Lent & Good Friday are days of ABSTAINING: All Catholics, beginning with the 14th birthday, are obliged to abstain from eating meat. People who are unable to practice bodily penance, due to pregnancy, illness, or hard physical labor may choose another form of penance or charity. The Church urges that works of penance be linked to works of charity – for example, using the money saved on less expensive meals or giving up snacks to feed the poor.


We will have PSR class on Ash Wednesday, immediately
following 6:30 pm Mass. Please be advised that class start time will likely be delayed and all students should go to the church to begin PSR. Parents, please remember that students should NOT be sitting in their cars in the parking lot upon arrival, they should go to the church unless class has already begun.



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February 5th 2017 Bulletin Message, Fr. Floyd McKinney

Thoughts for the week…Thank you one and all for the thoughts and prayers. One of the retired priests says ‘after your second parent dies, you can not go home’. Maybe that depends on your definition of home and where you hang your hat. I do know what he means; our parents are where home is for a lot of us. I still have family where I grew up, so in a sense I will still consider that a place to connect to the past even though it is not in the true sense of the word home. For most of us, home is where our parents live. I guess I even considered the retirement home where mom lived a little bit of home. When I visit my brothers and sisters, that will be my going home even though some of them live in other states.

Sometimes when someone dies we say that they have been called home. For all of us, that is our dream, our final goal, to go home. When a little child is in trouble or worried and says “I want my mommy”, they are expressing that they want to be in the comfort of the one who gave them life, they want to go home. When we are struggling or have worries we pray to the God who created us so that we might receive the comfort we need in the moment; we are not ‘going home’, but can feel and know that God is with us in our prayers.

One of our homes is right here in church where our savior is present in the Eucharist. Maybe that is why we call St. Michael our parish family; we belong here, we are part of this community that we also call family. It is here that we come to find joy in our achievements, consolation in our sorrows, or to simply know that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. I pray that our family continues to be salt and light for one another and for the community of which we are a part.