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Guided by the Spirit of the Lord, today we undertake the journey of a sincere conversion and of rediscovering the implications of our baptismal commitments in our daily life.
As we begin the Lenten season, the call to conversion, symbolized by the imposition of the ashes, resounds even louder and clearer. It is a call to penance, to prayer rooted in faith, to authenticity, to the rejection of any form of ostentation. This Ash Wednesday should mark for us a “back to basics,” which will enable us to prepare ourselves for a lasting sharing in Christ’s Resurrection.

Our Schedule of Masses and Imposition of Ashes:
7:00AM – Girard
12:00 Noon – Arma
3:30PM – PSR Kids Stations of the Cross followed by Imposition of Ashes
6:30 PM – Girard

Stations of the Cross – 6PM, Fridays, Girard
– 5:30PM, Tuesdays, Arma followed by Mass


Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of FASTING.
Catholics who are ages 18 up to 59 are obliged to fast, that is, take only one full meal
and two lesser meals, with nothing to eat in between meals. Drinking fluids would not be
contrary to the practice of fasting.

Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays of Lent, including Good Friday, are days of
ABSTAINING from meat. All Catholics who are 14 years of age and older are obliged to abstain from eating meat.

People who are unable to practice bodily penance, due to pregnancy, illness, or hard
physical labor may choose another form of penance or charity. The Church urges that
works of penance be linked to works of charity – for example, using the money saved on
less expensive meals or giving up snacks to feed the poor.


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