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May 16-17

May 15th, 2020 | Posted by Floyd McKinney in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on May 16-17)

It is Friday already and almost time for the weekend… I will again do the normal Mass schedule for the weekend… that is 4pm Sat. and 8am Sun in Arma / St Joseph, and 5:30pm Sat. and 10:00am Sun in Girard St Michael. We will again be following the norm of social distancing…people of the same address can sit together but others must use the six feet apart ‘regulation’. We were very comfortable last week with only fourteen people at each Mass, so we could have had a few more. However, if you still feel uncomfortable being with others, remember that the bishop has given the proper permission for you to say home and receive graces of your participation with computer or however you watch our video. Doug will do the video at the 4pm Mass in Arma so it should be ready for viewing maybe not to long after 5pm… or 5:30. Thank you for your understanding in all of this; I continue to pray that we are able to ALL come together soon. Peace, Fr. Floyd


A new start

May 12th, 2020 | Posted by Floyd McKinney in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on A new start)

Whether we say a new start or starting over or resuming course, we are, as the news media and politicians are saying, opening up our lives again. SO…thank you to those who came to Mass this weekend to make a beginning to the routine. Thank you to those who took advantage of this website and our facebook page so that you could be safe in your continuing to live the faith. All of us are trying to do the right thing to help get back to a routine, maybe not the one we followed several months ago. I felt great celebrating with you who came and was energized to present to those who were waiting for the Mass on social media. * * * * Thank you again for all the cards and expressions of appreciation in my anniversary of ordination 40 years ago. It has been great, most of the time, and I look forward to two more years. That is when I can spend time serving in a different way. God Bless… … …Fr. Floyd