Christmas Weekend Masses

December 19th, 2017 | Posted by K Graham in Uncategorized

Which Sunday and Christmas Mass combination are YOU going to partake in?

Sunday Mass Times:

4pm Saturday Evening
8am Sunday Morning

5:30pm Saturday Evening
10am Sunday Morning

Christmas Mass Times: 

4pm Sunday Evening
8am Monday Morning

Midnight, Sunday Night
10am Sunday Morning

***Don’t forget that Confession is a great way to prepare ourselves for Christ’s birth.
Confessions will be available before and after all Masses (other than on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.) Masses before Christmas Eve include: Wednesday at 6:30pm in Girard, Thursday at 8am in Arma, Friday at 7am in Girard, Saturday at 4pm in Arma, or lastly Saturday at 5:30pm in Girard.


***New Year’s Masses will be Dec. 31 at 5:30pm in Girard, Jan. 1 at noon in Arma, or Jan. 1 at 10am in Girard. No Confessions before or after Mass on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.


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