Holy Week PSR Resources


An overview of what is celebrated on what days (for Parents or older teens)
• Holy Thursday: https://www.catholic.org/lent/thurs.php
• Good Friday: https://www.catholic.org/lent/friday.php
• Easter Sunday: https://www.catholic.org/lent/easter.php

• Find Daily Mass Readings at: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/040920.cfm

• Live Stream Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil at St. Michael’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/st.michaelgirard/

• Pray and read the Bible as a family.

• Find Confession times on St. Michael’s Home Page.

• Do the Stations of the Cross in our church or outside at Greenbush or St. Paul. You can “pray” the Stations of the Cross in many ways (including using your personal prayer and meditation to guide you thru the Passion), but this is one way: https://www.catholic.org/prayers/station.php

Elementary School

For Elementary School there is an abundance of youtube videos, color sheets and crafts… and reading the bible and praying as a family is, of course, an amazing activity!! Do something different on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

A few ideas:


This is a great one for little ones! Even my just-2-year old loves to stick toothpicks in playdough!


Youth (Middle School and High School)

YouTube “Retreat”: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtP2hW4JJguFIKuyXZy8oI5MmJw7Zv0ze

LifeTeen: https://lifeteen.com/blog/tag/holy-week/

9 Journal Prompts for Holy Week: https://lifeteen.com/blog/9-journal-prompts-for-holy-week/