New Idea

May 7th, 2020 | Posted by K Graham in Uncategorized

Greetings people of St Michael and St Joseph…When you advertize this message do not ONLY say ‘we have Mass this weekend’; let them know the whole message! Yes we are STARTING to re-open in our state. That, for me, means we can do some of the things that will help us ‘get back to a different routine’. So I will be celebrating the routine Mass schedule this weekend. Your attendance however may not be routine because we are limited as to how many can be in church. The Bishop has continued the dispensation to attend Mass. That means that you are not committing sin if you do not come. If there is any reason that you feel uncomfortable about coming, please feel free to watch Mass on the internet in the place that you have been watching… It will be on our parish website. If you come, please be aware that space is limited… Since we cannot buy hand sanitizer, you can bring your own…only the front door of church will be open to let you in.

I am looking forward to celebrate Mass with a crowd, however do not feel that you “have to” be here. In the next phase and phases of our re-opening there will be possibilities for us to have more at Mass. IF you have any reservations about coming remember you have the possibility to ‘attend’ Mass with electronic media.


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