November 26th, 2011 | Posted by K Graham in Website - (Comments Off on Welcome!)

Happy birthday to St. Michael and St. Joseph website!

Last April, 2011 when Bishop Jackels told me he will assign me to Girard and Arma, I search the web right away to check what Girard and Arma look like as a parish. Unfortunately all I could get were general information from the search engine. I could not find any website from either of them. That led me to think that maybe many of the parishioners do not use the computer or there is no internet connection around the area. That worried me a bit. How will I check my email and connect to facebook. That worry banished when I got here and found out we have internet connection and that most parishioners have emails and use the internet.

This led me to realize right away that we need to have a parish website. Most parishes have websites and they are proven to be effective in communicating and reaching out to everyone. Finally, it has come to us. Praise God!  Thanks to Rick Duling who started the work of this website.  Thanks to Doug and Kristen Graham who took over the job and spent hours to give birth to our website. We are just starting and there are still more things that need to be put in place and improved. So far we have downloaded some of the parish pictures taken during the different parish activities: pet blessing, bazaar, CCD, and bishop’s visit. To view them (you can also copy them) just click on gallery and you are there. We are still on the process of downloading our weekly parish bulletin so you can view them online. We have also include some quick links to websites like the diocesan website, natural family planning website, the USCCB, and many more. Feel free to communicate with us your thoughts and ideas. May our website be a venue for growth and unity. God bless us all! Fr. Roger