Parish School of Religion

For your convenience, fill out our NEW online family registration form for this 2019-2020 year of Parish School of Religion(PSR). After completing this quick form, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provide. You can send payment for registration fees to your students first class or drop it off at the parish rectory or with Kristen Graham. 

Find the 2019-2020 St. Michael PSR online registration form here.

St. Michael’s Parish School of Religion (PSR) program is set to start on August 21st, 2019. Classes are held every Wednesday that Girard/USD 248 is in session. Elementary students walk over after school and are to be picked up at 3:30pm from the church hall. Middle School and High School students meet from 6:30PM (with Mass) -8pm.If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Kristen Graham, St. Michael’s Director of Religious Education, by text/call to (620) 875-6133 or by email at

Elementary Grades Middle and High School Grades
1st Grade, Connie Sponsel 6th Grade, Tim Born
2nd/3rd Grade, Paula Sevart 7th/8th/9th Confirmation Class,
Michelle Smith-Puckett, Butch Reif, & Mary Leritz
4th/5th Grade, Savanna Ashmore 10th/11th Grades, Patrick Westhoff
  12th Grade, Autumn VanLeeuwen

Middle/School High School

Parents In The Classroom

Starting this 2019-2020 year, we are inviting our parents into our classrooms! This is something that we, as a parish, would love to see, but this is also something that our Diocese encourages. What better way for the parents to get to know our program and show their student’s the importance of learning about our faith through our Parish Religious program… then to attend themselves! We would like one or both parents to sign-up to attend one of their children’s Wednesday night classrooms. Class starts at 6:30 with Mass, and is followed by snacks, class and games in the Church Hall. Please take a minute to sign-up using this very nifty website- click the below button that says “Choose a spot on” You can also contact Kristen Graham for a “slot.”

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Sign-up to bring snacks

Our Middle/High School Religious Ed classes hit at the end of a long day (several students don’t even have time to eat supper before coming). Our progam plans to furnish snacks every Wednesday night this school year, but we would also like to open it up to parents and parish members to bring in snacks for the many hungry mouths that walk thru our doors. Things like crackers, cheese sticks, Slim Jims, fruit, cookies, even home-made items, etc would be a huge help. Using the button below, please sign-up for a Wednesday night to drop-off a few snacks. (You can also contact Kristen Graham to sign-up if you rather.)

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