Catechist Contact

During Class Hours (Hall#): 620-724-4319

Elementary School Directors of Religious Education

Janel Scales: 724-0032
Barbara Duling: 238-0638

Elementary School Catechist

1st Grade Teacher: Kandell Amershek – 238-0744
2nd Grade Teacher: Janel Scales – 724-0032
3rd Grade Teacher: Mary Brake – 249-3962
4th Grade Teacher: Rick Duling – 724-4402
5th Grade Teacher: Barb Duling – 238-0638

Middle & High School Director of Religious Education

Michelle Smith-Puckett:

Middle School Catechist

6th Grade: Butch Reif –
7th Grade: Mary Leritz –
8th Grade: Autumn VanLeeuwen –

High School Catechist

9th Grade: Fr. Roger Lumbre –
10th Grade: Pat Westhoff –
11th Grade: Mary McClaskey –
12th Grade: Dr. Adam Paoni & Faith Paoni –;

CYM Leaders

Rachel Ausemus:
Carrie Smith: