Wishing You a Blessed Holy Week

April 11th, 2017 | Posted by K Graham in Uncategorized

Mass Times

April 11 (Tuesday)
Arma- 5:30pm

April 12 (Wednesday)
Girard- 6:30pm

April 13 (Thursday)
Girard- 7:00pm
*Arma- No Adoration 8:30 am – 12:30pm*

Good Friday
Arma- noon
Girard- 7:00pm

Holy Saturday
*No Mass in Arma at 4pm*
Girard- 8:00pm

Easter Sunday
Arma- 8:00am
Girard- 10:00pm

We will have “extra” confession times this week: Monday at
7:00pm in Girard, Tuesday after Mass and Stations (around
6:15) in Arma, Wednesday after 6:30pm Mass in Girard,
Thursday after 8:00pm Mass in Girard, and Friday after the
Noon Veneration of the Cross service in Arma. This is an
opportunity to receive the forgiveness of God.

April 9th 2017 Bulletin Message, Fr. Floyd McKinney
Death with True Dignity
When we think of Holy Week starting with Passion/Palm Sunday we start thinking about the passion and how Jesus suffered for us. Yes, Jesus did suffer but maybe we are missing something. The English word passion comes from the Latin word ‘passio’ which can mean passive. As we look at the Passion we can see what Jesus did for us as he was passive in his giving of self; earlier in his ministry he gave himself in an active way as he preached to the people. In today’s world we like for people to be active, doing something, so those who are ill to the point of being passive in bed are seen in a negative way. We even start speaking of euthanasia as ‘death with dignity’ as though their suffering has no meaning. What is the value, they ask, of people continuing to live on in hospice when there is no chance of recovery or improvement and they have already slipped away from us consciously? The answer lies in the mystery of passivity, as seen most clearly in Jesus’ passion. In his passivity and dying he was able to give us something deeper than what he gave through his strength and activity. This is death with dignity.


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